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The Siege of the Capitol Building

1)This week we witnessed one of the most shocking and dangerous acts of domestic terrorism seen in the United States in recent times. Perhaps it was only overshadowed by the Oklahoma City Bombing back in 1995. Hear the names of  all 147 Republican legislators who voted to overturn the election results. Here's the list of legislators:

2) Must Watch TV: "Schitt's Creek" on Netflix, "The Bureau" on Vudu.

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Michael Gene Sullivan - San Francisco Mime Troupe

The Tony Award-Winning SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE debuts a NEW Activist Adaptation of the Dickens Classic as a Radio Play


An Activist Adaptation of the Dickens Classic

Written and Directed by Michael Gene Sullivan

A 21st. Century SFMT spin on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Online Fri. Dec. 11, 2020 - Jan. 17, 2021 -  FREE (suggested $20 donation)


Michael Gene Sullivan (Writer, Director,Actor, SFMT Collective) is an award-winning actor, director, and playwright based in SF. As an actor Michael has worked with the American Conservatory Theatre, the Denver Center Theater Company, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Theatreworks, CA Shakespeare Theatre, SF Playhouse, SF and the African American Shakespeare Companies, and the Aurora, the Marin, the Magic, the Lorraine Hansberry Theater, and has been a principle actor for the SF Mime Troupe for over 30 years. Michael’s directing credits include work with SF Shakespeare Festival, TheatreFirst, the African American Shakespeare Company, Street Of Dreams Theatre Company, and over a dozen shows with SFMT. Michael was also director of the all-woman, all-clown Circus Finelli. From 1992 -1999 Michael was a Contributing Writer for the despite-its-name-never-silent, Tony and OBIE Award-winning SF Mime Troupe before being named SFMT’s Resident Playwright 2000 to present. Michael is also a Resident Playwright for the Playwrights Foundation, and in 2017 was playwriting resident at the Djerassi Arts Center. Mr. Sullivan's political dramas, musicals, and satires include Walls (Ningun Humano Es Ilegal!), Treasure Island, For The Greater Good, Freedomland, Red Carol, Too Big To Fail, Did Anyone Ever Tell You-You Look Like Huey P. Newton?, Mr. Smith Goes to Obscuristan (with Josh Kornbluth), Godfellas, Too Big to Fail, Possibilidad or The Death of the Worker, the all-woman farce Recipe, and his one person show, Did Anyone Ever Tell You -- You Look Like Huey P. Newton? Mr. Sullivan's plays have been performed at the Melbourne International Arts Festival, the International Festival of Verbal Art (Berlin), The Hong Kong Arts Festival, and in Greece, Spain, Columbia, Argentina, New Zealand, Ukraine, England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Mexico, as well as in theaters throughout the USA. 1984, his critically-acclaimed stage adaptation of George Orwell's dystopic novel of the oppressive present/future, had its world premiere in 2006 at the Actors' Gang, directed by Academy Award-winning actor Tim Robbins. After several extended runs in LA, 1984 has gone on to several national and international productions, has been translated into six languages, and published in two. Michael is also a Collective Member and Board Member of the SF Mime Troupe.

Aidan Park - Actor, Comedian, Author

My guest today is Aidan Park. Aidan is a nationally recognized stand-up comedian headliner, working actor, published author, certified life coach, public speaker, certified master level practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and creator of the wellness brand, The Art of Being Yay! Aidan is known for having survived seemingly insurmountable challenges in his personal life. Yet, through it all, he reached notable success. He overcame being an undocumented immigrant living in poverty, an HIV diagnosis when he was a teen, a widow later in life, and mental health issues. 

In his new book, The Art of Being Yay!, comedian and happiness expert Aidan Park provides tools for authentic joy and empowerment sharing scandalous juicy stories from his past that "out drama" a Lifetime TV movie with tales of infidelity, death, scandal, heartache, love, friendships and betrayals!


In The Art of Being Yay! discover:

-The science of happiness and how to use them to your advantage
-How to manage destructive negative emotions
-How to create new thought patterns for lasting mental and behavioral change
-Practical tools for empowering yourself for the life that you want
-How an undocumented immigrant in poverty that was once a Craigslist "erotic services provider" became a happiness expert people pay lots of money to get advice from!

Amazon link -


Wallis and Windsor - A New Musical Bound for Broadway

WALLIS and WINDSOR is a brand new musical that is certain to entertain! 
This Broadway-bound musical, WALLIS and WINDSOR, takes us back in history to the abdication of the British throne!
Set in 1930’s London, WALLIS and WINDSOR is the extraordinary true story of two Kings. Brothers. One who gives up the throne for the woman he loves. The other who must take his brother’s place in history by embracing the throne and with the support of his majestic wife, become one of Britain’s most beloved Kings!
The creative team is made up of accomplished veterans stage and screen and consists of Jonnie Bross, Jennifer Bross, Christopher Caliendo, Jonathan Bross, and Eric Bross.

Web site:
PLEASE Consider contributing to the Kickstarter Campaign of this great new Show!
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The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Today I talk about life in the crazy world of COVID 19 and Donald Trump and I discuss the new independent film, "The Last Black Man in San Francisco".


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