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John Prine Tribute and Stuart Brown of the Internet Radio Station - Sounds of Broadway

What a few crazy weeks the entire planet has been experiencing due to this scourge we call COVID-19. I often feel like I'm a character in a science fiction film with multiple endings, none of which the author has decided upon yet. Everyone keep safe, and I know we will get through this together.


But as they say, "The Show Must Go On". 

---My tribute to John Prine.

---So, today I present Stuart Brown of the 24/7 Internet radio station Sounds of Broadway

---You can learn all about Stuart's wonderful station at

About Stuart and Sounds of Broadway:

The Sounds of Broadway offers the most wide-ranging listing of music from the Off-Broadway, Broadway, and London stages. Thousands of songs from hundreds of cast recordings stream online, 24/7. In addition to their programming schedules, listeners can make requests from our extensive song catalog.

The Sounds of Broadway was founded by Stuart Brown in March 2019. Brown has had a long association with terrestrial radio, beginning at WRSU-FM at Rutgers College in New Jersey in the late 1970’s. For the past 25 years, he had a weekly radio program, “On Broadway,” on WRTC-FM, Trinity College, in Hartford, CT.

The Connecticut resident is also a theater critic, reviewing shows in New York City and Connecticut. He is the current President of the Connecticut Critics Circle, and a member of the Outer Critics Circle, and the American Theater Critics Association.

His reviews on Connecticut and New York theater are published on his blog,


Also, I pay a tribute to the American treasure, John Prine, who has fallen victim to the COVID-19 virus and is currently hospitalized and on a ventilator. We all hope and pray he heals and come home soon.


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Michael Grant Interview and The Zombie Apocalypse

Today we discuss Ray's addiction to chocolate-covered berries, our current pandemic, and most importantly, we have a special interview with the UK based musician, Michael Grant.


Michael Grant's Web Site:

Michael A. Grant is a freelance musician, proficient on clarinets, bassoon, saxophones and flute. He is currently based in Manchester but available for work throughout the universe.

Michael is an experienced performer in a variety of genres, including orchestral music, big band swing, and traditional jazz. He is also in high demand as a reed player for musical theatre productions, on account of his strong sight-reading ability and expertise across multiple instruments.

Furthermore, he is a very capable arranger and orchestrator, as well as a keen composer.

Michael Grant's new Musical:

It’s Not Really the Apocalypse’ tells the story of four friends, who wake one day after the mother of all hangovers to discover they are the only humans left on the planet. Over the course of 14 songs they must adapt to their new lifestyle, whilst also overcoming a much greater challenge: learning to live with each other.

This dark subject matter is juxtaposed with a catchy, ragtime-influenced score that is sure to have you tapping your feet and singing along. Armageddon never sounded so good.

If Only Your Legs Were on Your Head:

The Jelly Roll Jazz Band:


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Interview - Sara Moore


Today's guest is Sara Moore

Sara Moore is an award-winning American clown. 

Her new show is called "The Supers"

Moore has created, directed, and performed material for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, The Krofft Puppets, Royal Caribbean International, Tropicana Hotels and Resorts, The New Pickle Circus, Six Flags Show Productions, and Merv Griffin’s Resorts Casino and Hotels, among others. She also wrote, directed, and co-produced the independent feature film “Homo Heights” starring Quentin Crisp, which is widely considered a cult classic today. Her recent solo show, Show Ho, has earned critical and popular acclaim through several sold-out runs.


Tickets for "The Supers":

THE SUPERS - A Science-Fiction Magical Realism Human Cartoon Opera - written by & starring Sara Moore will be performed Feb. 19 - 29, 2020- Limited Engagement – 10 Performances Only!


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Ray’s Shorts - Circle Mirror Trransformation Final Thoughts

As we close the show Circle Mirror Transformation at Livermore Arts, I reflect on the play and my experiences with it with it.


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Circle Mirror Transformation - Misty Megia and Emma Nelson

Circle Mirror Transformation
by Annie Baker

Directed by Misty Megia

Livermore Arts



When four lost New Englanders enroll in Marty’s six-week-long community center drama class and begin to experiment with harmless games, hearts are quietly torn apart and tiny wars of epic proportions are waged and won. Circle Mirror Transformation is a charming and beautifully-crafted diorama, a petri dish in which we see, with hilarious detail and clarity, the antic sadness of a motley quintet.

Taught by Marty, their free-spirited and supportive leader, the group — Schultz, a recently divorced, emotionally vulnerable carpenter, Teresa, an earnest and vibrant former actress, James, Marty’s quiet and genial husband, and Lauren, a reserved and self-conscious high schooler — move through a series of acting exercises, ranging from the heartbreaking to the ridiculous. Over the course of the seemingly trivial games, their emotional wounds are revealed, nursed, and healing slowly begins. Winner of the 2010 Obie Award for Best New American Play, Annie Baker’s quiet masterpiece explores the human condition and the subtle yet powerfully transforming effect we have on others through our words and indirect actions.

Directed by Misty Megia, Circle Mirror Transformation will run for eight performances at the Bothwell Arts Center from November 15-24, 2019. The East End of the Bothwell Arts Center provides the perfect setting for the play which is set in a similar community center in Vermont. Megia directed last year’s acclaimed production of RED by John Logan at the Bankhead Theater, the first play self-produced by Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center. Read an interview with Misty Megia here.

“Annie Baker’s play is an absolute feast… the kind of unheralded gem that sends people into the
streets babbling and bright-eyed with the desire to spread the word…”—New York Times


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