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Pablo Rossil of Swingin’ with the Music



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At the conclusion of the project’s first “For Your Consideration” GRAMMY® livestream, SWINGIN’ WITH THE MOUSE creator, PABLO ROSSIL, announced two upcoming albums to be released in 2021: SWINGIN’ WITH THE MUSIC OF BROADWAY and 


Shares ROSSIL, “We had such a great time creating the first full record in the SWINGIN’ WITH THE MUSIC recorded series. I am incredibly pleased that so many talented and respected individuals have signed on to join us for next year’s projects. With its inherent elements of storytelling, Broadway is the perfect subject for what we do with jazz. I think people are really going to dig what we’ve come up with! And Disney is, as was proven earlier this year, perfectly translated through what we do with jazz arrangements. I cannot wait to share all of the team’s artistry with the world!” 

In March 2021, SWINGIN’ WITH THE MUSIC OF BROADWAY will release on all music streaming platforms. Special guest vocalists have yet to be announced. 

In summer 2021, SWINGIN’ WITH THE MOUSE will debut SWINGIN’ WITH THE MOUSE: VOLUME 2, featuring a slate of new Disney songs chosen from films within the Company’s cannon previously unadapted by the SWINGIN’ band. Special guest vocalists to be announced. 

SWINGIN’ WITH THE MOUSE: VOLUME 1 features performances by KEITH DAVID (Dr. Facilier in Princess and the Frog), DEEDEE MAGNO HALL (The All-New Mickey 

Mouse Club, Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe), EMMA HUNTON (Freeform’s Good Trouble), GARRET CLAYTON (NBC’s Hairspray Live!, Teen Beach Movie), and COURTNEY 

REED (Princess Jasmine in Broadway’s Aladdin). The SWINGIN’ WITH THE MOUSE Band includes Nathan King (Woodwinds), Ryan DeWeese (Trumpet), Ramsey Hampton (Trombone), Michael Sobie (Piano), Blake Estrada (Bass), and Jay Tibbitts (Drums). 

Stream SWINGIN’ WITH THE MOUSE: VOLUME 1 now on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. Visit to learn more about the project. Follow the group on social

media, @swtmband.

Since 2016, the SWINGIN’ WITH THE MUSIC collective has been reimagining beloved and lesser-known songs with new jazz renditions. Turn on the television, walk down the street, or simply scroll through your favorite app; anywhere you turn, music is there waiting for you. It enhances all aspects of the human experience, and it is SWINGIN’ WITH THE MUSIC’s mission to celebrate what makes music special told through the ever-expressive sounds of jazz. 

From singers to musicians and audience members, one thing has always been abundantly clear at SWTM shows: what brings people together is the joys of enjoying a familiar tune in a new way. SWINGIN’ WITH THE MUSIC has played in concert at Feinstein’s/54 Below in New 

York and at the Rockwell Table and Stage in Los Angeles.


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Sara Moore - Actor and Clown (first aired 2-18-2020)

Today's guest is Sara Moore

Sara Moore is an award-winning American clown. 

Her new show is called "The Supers"

Moore has created, directed, and performed material for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, The Krofft Puppets, Royal Caribbean International, Tropicana Hotels and Resorts, The New Pickle Circus, Six Flags Show Productions, and Merv Griffin’s Resorts Casino and Hotels, among others. She also wrote, directed, and co-produced the independent feature film “Homo Heights” starring Quentin Crisp, which is widely considered a cult classic today. Her recent solo show, Show Ho, has earned critical and popular acclaim through several sold-out runs.


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Cate Hayman (first aired 8-13-2019)

Cate Hayman, a Bay Area Local, made her SF Playhouse debut as Sally Bowles.  She recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with her BFA in Drama. Past roles include: Fräulein Kost in Cabaret, The Nurse in Romeo and Juliet, and Charity in Sweet Charity. 

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SF Playhouse Web Site

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Carly Ozard


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Circle Mirror Transformation Production - Post Production Reflections (replay)

This is a replay of my thoughts and reflections after a heartfelt run of the play Circle Mirror Transformation at Livermore Arts in November of 2020 - before Covid.


In the small town of Shirley, Vermont, five strangers gather in a dance studio to embark on a unique journey together in a creative drama class for adults. Taught by Marty, their free-spirited and supportive leader, the group -- Schultz, a recently divorced, emotionally vulnerable carpenter, Teresa, an earnest and vibrant former actress, James, Marty’s quiet and genial husband, and Lauren, a reserved and self-conscious high schooler -- move through a series of acting exercises, ranging from the heartbreaking to the ridiculous. In this one small room, through these few seemingly trivial games, quiet wars are waged, emotional wounds are nursed, and healing is finally, slowly, able to begin. In Annie Baker’s quiet masterpiece, Circle Mirror Transformation, the audience takes a transcendent journey through the mundane into the profound.


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Michael Grant and the Zombie Apocalypse (replay)

Today we discuss Ray's addiction to chocolate-covered berries, our current pandemic, and most importantly, we have a special interview with the UK-based musician, Michael Grant.


Michael Grant's Web Site:

Michael A. Grant is a freelance musician, proficient on clarinets, bassoon, saxophones and flute. He is currently based in Manchester but available for work throughout the universe.

Michael is an experienced performer in a variety of genres, including orchestral music, big band swing, and traditional jazz. He is also in high demand as a reed player for musical theatre productions, on account of his strong sight-reading ability and expertise across multiple instruments.

Furthermore, he is a very capable arranger and orchestrator, as well as a keen composer.

Michael Grant's new Musical:

It’s Not Really the Apocalypse’ tells the story of four friends, who wake one day after the mother of all hangovers to discover they are the only humans left on the planet. Over the course of 14 songs they must adapt to their new lifestyle, whilst also overcoming a much greater challenge: learning to live with each other.

This dark subject matter is juxtaposed with a catchy, ragtime-influenced score that is sure to have you tapping your feet and singing along. Armageddon never sounded so good.

If Only Your Legs Were on Your Head:

The Jelly Roll Jazz Band:


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