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Circle Mirror Transformation Production - Post Production Reflections (replay)

March 5, 2021

This is a replay of my thoughts and reflections after a heartfelt run of the play Circle Mirror Transformation at Livermore Arts in November of 2020 - before Covid.


In the small town of Shirley, Vermont, five strangers gather in a dance studio to embark on a unique journey together in a creative drama class for adults. Taught by Marty, their free-spirited and supportive leader, the group -- Schultz, a recently divorced, emotionally vulnerable carpenter, Teresa, an earnest and vibrant former actress, James, Marty’s quiet and genial husband, and Lauren, a reserved and self-conscious high schooler -- move through a series of acting exercises, ranging from the heartbreaking to the ridiculous. In this one small room, through these few seemingly trivial games, quiet wars are waged, emotional wounds are nursed, and healing is finally, slowly, able to begin. In Annie Baker’s quiet masterpiece, Circle Mirror Transformation, the audience takes a transcendent journey through the mundane into the profound.


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