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Carly Ozard - Electronic Music Vocalist and Songwriter

July 1, 2020

Today I spoke with Carly Ozard, a rising star in the world of electronic music. 

Recently signed to Sobel Nation Records distributed by Warner Bros, Carly’s new tracks and remixes will be available on all major streaming platforms in October, 2019.

A citizen of the world, Carly travels, and writes songs based on her experiences. From Burning Man to Bali, her songs inform her listeners that transcendence and acceptance worldwide is the message. EDM, Punjabi Mantras, and LGBTQ Anthems are just the beginning of her trek into solo artistry. Carly looks forward to showcasing her collaborations with her Production Team at Sobel, with DJ Spin Sista, Pollo Del Mar, Leo Frappier and more.

She is a beloved MTA Busker with Music Under New York.

For Professional Inquiries please contact Barbara Sobel Management at [email protected]
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