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Broadway is Opening in September, and SF Playhouse is Opening in June (sort of)!

May 13, 2021

Things are once again approaching normal as we hear that Broadway and Off-Broadway shows are planning on re-opening in September.

---SF Playhouse is opening with a very innovative production in June! ----

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By Ruben Grijalva
Directed by Susi Damilano
Commissioned by San Francisco Playhouse

Jackie has dementia. She also has a pact, carefully crafted with her two daughters, for how to depart on her own terms when the time comes. Well, the night has arrived, the girls have gathered, the plan is in motion—but Jackie forgot the pact. Shoot Me When… is a heartfelt and humorous exploration of love, responsibility, and finding joy in life’s challenges.

Ruben Grijalva is an award-winning San Francisco-based playwright and filmmaker. His short plays include Full Steam Ahead and the PianoFightShortLived winning All The Worlds Are Stages. His full-length plays include Foresight, Anna Considers Mars, and the Edgerton Foundation New Play Award-winning Value Over Replacement. He lives in San Francisco’s Sunset District with a Labrador named Retha, a human named Keli, and a tiny human named Genevieve, whose arrival served as the very hard deadline for the first draft of this play.


Blythe de Oliveira Foster

Dan Hiatt

Lorri Holt

Melissa Ortiz


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