Green Room On Air with Ray Renati

Aidan Park - Actor, Comedian, Author

November 5, 2020

My guest today is Aidan Park. Aidan is a nationally recognized stand-up comedian headliner, working actor, published author, certified life coach, public speaker, certified master level practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and creator of the wellness brand, The Art of Being Yay! Aidan is known for having survived seemingly insurmountable challenges in his personal life. Yet, through it all, he reached notable success. He overcame being an undocumented immigrant living in poverty, an HIV diagnosis when he was a teen, a widow later in life, and mental health issues. 

In his new book, The Art of Being Yay!, comedian and happiness expert Aidan Park provides tools for authentic joy and empowerment sharing scandalous juicy stories from his past that "out drama" a Lifetime TV movie with tales of infidelity, death, scandal, heartache, love, friendships and betrayals!


In The Art of Being Yay! discover:

-The science of happiness and how to use them to your advantage
-How to manage destructive negative emotions
-How to create new thought patterns for lasting mental and behavioral change
-Practical tools for empowering yourself for the life that you want
-How an undocumented immigrant in poverty that was once a Craigslist "erotic services provider" became a happiness expert people pay lots of money to get advice from!

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